Our Culture


Symbolism of the Logo by Nini Chang and Meaning of the Logo by Dennis Ye. We aim to achieve 言行一致, 一目了然, providing a Zero to One improvement over the Polygraph.

Motto 1: “言行一致一目了然”.
Motto 2: “Know Thyself and Others”
Motto 3: We are what we do.


  • Being a founding member of and contributing to a catalytic and innovative start-up is an opportunity to maximize authenticity, autonomy and alignment.
  • Through novel technology, growth mind-sets and hybrid structures we co-create the most enlightening and enriching work experiences possible.
  • We are what we do – internally image management and eye-service are neither necessary nor desired.
  • We shall not bear false witness of each other and try to keep our word, even to our own hurt.
  • By kindness and teamwork we help each other achieve our individual and collective best and seek the truth.