Reality Detector

Transcend the limitations in the polygraph pre-questioning phase.

Operational Mode

Live Mode

Polygraphers can now access new data channels, such as thermal and eye features, without causing discomfort. This enhances the accuracy of their current processes, giving them extra insights to more effectively refine their assessments.

Automated Mode

The MSRD precisely evaluates credibility through subtle cues, patterns, and physiological responses that differentiate truth-tellers from liars. 

Tailored for swift and accurate evaluations, ideal for critical hiring or security screenings. Achieving an impressive in-lab accuracy of about 83%, it yields results in just 6 minutes

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CA Scoring

Increase Accuracy
reduce False positive

RGB Camera measures heart rate, heart rate variability, and extracts heart rate signals through analysis of facial color changes. By employing face detection, normalization, and signal selection techniques, we accurately estimate heart rate in controlled environments.

IR Camera analyze ocular features like contactless pupil data and gaze tracking. It captures high-quality eye images and enables real-time, naturalistic tracking of eye movements.

Thermal Camera detects facial temperature and respiration changes, along with the temperature difference between exhaled air and the environment. Our 3D thermal mesh tracks temperature across facial regions, even during movement, offering polygraphers flexibility for covert use during the pre-questioning phase.

Heart Rate

Respiration Rate

Ocular Features

Galvanic Skin Response




Frequently Asked Questions

Have there been any studies conducted on your product using experimental techniques?

We have conducted extensive experiments involving hundreds of participants, including mock crime scenarios with our clients. We have obtained the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval enabling us to work towards a peer-reviewed journal article for publication within a year. This article will delve into topics such as Alibi Game, Moral Lies, and the modalities of our MSRD. Our innovative investigative approach and the features of our system are based on established literature and practices related to polygraphing and deception detection.

A third-party validation study is also currently being conducted by a renowned university laboratory.

Can the MSRD replace or be combined with the polygraph process?

No, we view the MSRD as a complementary tool rather than a substitute for the polygraph.

Firstly, the automated mode can assist in risk bucketing a large number of candidates. Secondly, our live interview mode (currently under development) will be able to provide polygraphers and users with physiological data during pre-test interviews.

This process innovation can help identify key interview areas to focus on, ultimately enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of polygraph examinations. We are in discussions with leading polygraph suppliers to explore the possibilities.

What kind of tests can the MSRD system be used for?

We view the MSRD as a flexible product that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your specific use case. The interviewer inputs a relevant question, and the automated mode generates a set of random questions for the assessment. These assessments cover a wide range of scenarios such as Employment Screening, Border Control, Criminal Activity, Sex Offender cases, and more.

Can the MSRD system handle countermeasures?

Most people are unable to manage more than eight concurrent tasks. Hence, we believe that using countermeasures becomes increasingly difficult with the MSRD. By aiming to examine more deception cues and modalities through our multispectral hardware system, making it challenging for individuals to use countermeasures effectively.

Furthermore, common countermeasures can be easily identified by the system or the examiner during the calibration or the test. These include but are not limited to, forced pupil dilation, aversion of gaze, closing one’s eyes, or taking the test while inebriated. Unnatural facial movements like excessive swallowing, lip biting and excessive facial movements can also be flagged.